A satirical video parodies oil giant BP’s outsourced PR work

The global public relations firm Edelman recently began a four-year, $12 million agreement with the oil producer BP that will include a digital and social media strategy and auditing services. The PR watchdog group Greenpeace has criticized Edelman for the work, calling on BP to drop Edelman as its PR firm of record.

Today, a satirical video is circulating on social media — “Amber Podcast: Say It Ain’t CO2” — that directly pokes fun at BP’s work with Edelman.

It is not clear if the video is a spoof of the real Amber Podcasts, a popular YouTube show hosted by Greenpeace U.K. activists, or someone’s random collection of songs. But The Activist Wire reports the video, also embedded below, did receive an Internet distribution credit.

“It is quite literally a parody of the work,” Greenpeace’s Helena Callis said of the video. “BP are paying Edelman to be their PR partner and I really don’t understand why Edelman is doing this.”

In April, Edelman responded to Greenpeace’s criticism, calling the partnership “a good fit” and adding that “we look forward to using our experience, capabilities and resources in the energy space.” In late April, on the platform that BP uses to respond to its critics, Edelman said it would disclose its communications firm ties with the oil company.

“BP has always considered PR to be an important part of their business strategy and believes Edelman can help us fully leverage the social media and digital tools we have at our disposal,” Edelman told Business Insider at the time.

The Greenpeace video has more than 19,000 views on YouTube.

Read the full story at the Activist Wire.


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