Ask our expert: is sexual harassment worse in the workplace?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption How sexual harassment at office Christmas parties can have ramifications for you both

When you have just had a conference call from a boss who groped your behind, are you surprised to find the company Christmas party later that evening takes place in the toilets?

Well, the next day you will probably be shocked to hear your boss has gone on to become the company CEO, while you are told to go back to the office and do your job.

As your boss nears the end of his career, you too will be in doubt about whether your career is nearing its end.

A woman told me how the nightmare came to her in her late twenties:

“He had touched me inappropriately in the backside a few weeks earlier and got away with it. This time it happened, too.

“I shouted at him and we had a row. He apologised profusely, but I was absolutely gutted.

“In hindsight, if I had known how inappropriate this was going to lead to years later, I would never have allowed it to happen.

“He was my boss and a senior person, but I was made to believe that it was not something that really mattered. I had a bad meeting at the board meeting the following day.

“He was then promoted. I did not care too much about his promotion – I just felt abused and deeply uncomfortable.”

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