Ask the doctor: Should I be taking antibiotics?

Q: I knew you had an article about measles on the back page, but thought you’d never forget to share it.

We’re on a really busy patch at our hospital and doctors are prescribing a rash cream in order to help prevent the spread of illness.

But I was browsing the drug list and saw an advice leaflet from another doctor stating that there should be an intake of antibiotics as well.

I asked myself why they would do this. I asked if my rash and fever symptoms were of a risk to others.

I asked myself why I was being given a steroid cream in the first place. But my concerns were dismissed and doctors gave me a reaction of soothing cream to ease my symptoms and I was “normal” again.

I took the advice of the hospital staff and went and asked the doctor for advice and medication for my own illness.

He said that since I was a child I had been given antibiotics every time I caught a cold or flu and that I should be taking them as well.

So, I agree with him, but I have two children who are eight and four years old and yet they are on the no-shrivellant movement.

What do you think?

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