BBC World – Mexico-US – Border security and frustration

Roughly 500 people cross the border from Mexico into the US every day, and they’re coming in at a ferocious pace – as many as 12,000 people have crossed in the last month alone.

Although the majority have been single males, women and children are now making increasingly frequent crossings. The strain on the infrastructure and resources, such as courts and detention centres, has reached breaking point. The border patrol is overloaded. There simply isn’t enough room for all of the illegal immigrants, and the US is burning through its detention capacity.

Those migrants that aren’t picked up by the border patrol, and aren’t immediately sent back to Mexico, are held in the government’s centres in Texas, which are now overflowing. And at least some of them will end up in a Texas court with a potential criminal conviction hanging over their heads.

US President Donald Trump recently doubled the spending on border security. But, in a sign of just how difficult the issue is to tackle, only three people have been actually deported from the border in the last ten days.

Watch US border police hunting down border crossers:

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