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Carly Simon: ‘I’m going to make it a movie for you because I want you to watch it’

Carly Simon: ‘I’m going to make it a movie for you because I want you to watch it’

Carly Simon mourns sisters Joanna and Lucy, who died of cancer a day apart.

Carly Simon has been candid about her struggle and the effect of her illness on her career.

The US singer-songwriter said in 2015 that since 2012, she has been plagued by “extreme fatigue” and a “sluggish form of dementia that’s been creeping up on me”.

“I’m definitely not 100%, but I definitely feel better,” she told the Today Show in 2013.

But the star, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April 2014, has remained an outspoken advocate.

Carly Simon: ‘A songwriter’s voice is something everyone can identify with’

At a screening of the new film The Girl In The Spider’s Web in 2014, Simon said it was “hard not to be moved” to see how her illness affected her daughter, Grace.

Speaking on the red carpet for the film’s 50th anniversary, the singer said: “I’m going to make it a movie for you because it’s probably the single most important message I can hope for and hope for you.

“To raise young women to be strong and say no to those things that are trying to get to you right now. To be unafraid of standing up for yourself because the people that are trying to tell you how you have to live life, they’re not right.

“They haven’t been in your shoes. I’m going to make it a movie because I want you to watch it.”

She then read out the names of her two sisters. Speaking of the film, she said: “It’s about a girl walking along – you know what I mean – in this world that doesn’t have a clue that she could possibly be the one who could save the world.”

“I’m just so proud,” she added. “I’m so proud to be connected with a girl out there that has the courage to do something the right way.”

In November 2016, Simon revealed that she was in a “very minor way” able to speak in front of the camera again after having undergone

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