China’s world’s fastest train makes debut journey

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The train is the world’s fastest

The world’s fastest passenger train just made a debut journey of 620kph (413mph) on a scenic resort near Beijing.

Passengers on the 507-passenger Shandong-Shijiazhuang high-speed train viewed the sensation from inside the driver’s cabin.

The prototype is the first to have a double-decker train compartment, which lets the driver and passengers see each other on the same train.

It travelled the traditional suburban route between Jinan and Shijiazhuang in 22 minutes.

A Beijing-to-Shijiazhuang service by high-speed railway would take 73 minutes, state news agency Xinhua reported.

The Shandong-Shijiazhuang railway is a work in progress, but will eventually connect the densely populated areas of eastern China.

Riders on the Shandong-Shijiazhuang train felt the 170mph (273km/h) main carriage ride feel “shameless”, according to state media reports.

“I can really feel the snake being born from the ground,” Mr Zhang said after boarding, summing up his satisfaction with the experience.

The world’s longest train has a journey speed of 733km/h (466mph).

China aims to build four lines of the Shandong-Shijiazhuang train before the end of 2021, which will allow passengers to travel at a maximum speed of 930kph (597mph).

Image copyright Xinhua Image caption Longo suspects that the train could travel at 200-310km/h

Image copyright Xinhua Image caption The Shandong-Shijiazhuang train went up to the record speed of 620kph (413mph)

Zhang Longo, the chief engineer of the Shandong-Shijiazhuang railway, said he doubted the train could reach 220-310km/h (137-200mph).

“It is hard to predict its speed in the real life,” he told reporters.

China began its high-speed rail network in 2007. That first line between Beijing and Shanghai connected the city to the third largest city in China.

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