Chinese BMX riders collect 2,000 lbs of bike parts they used in crash

Brazil’s Búbio Dy, 26, has dominated BMX for the last two seasons. As the Times’ Simon Romero explains, his crash last year — when a crash at the end of a green course was blamed on the spray of your clothes rubbing against one another — led to the road races being moved to a less iconic area for the 2022 race, with the promise of smoother surfaces. Dy’s injury may have cost him the gold medal in the 2014 Olympics, but he went on to complete a second successive Olympic gold and took the overall title in the road races in Rio de Janeiro this year.

With the bikes expected to look much the same in Beijing as they did in Rio, Brazil’s race team was hoping that the world would take notice of Dy, Arouca and the other riders in a similar situation to Rio. Until this week, Dy’s greatest disappointment was that he didn’t have fans to go home to.

That changed this week when Dy’s mother came to watch him race in the Mexico City leg of the World Series of BMX, which gives athletes in smaller cities a chance to race against their bigger and stronger rivals. Upon entering the stadium to watch her son in action, Dy found that he had 800 of his father’s old bicycle parts in his pocket. Local media covered the story and pictures of his mother emerged. In return, the media received ribbons from Dy’s team in honour of his competition.

“I have my sights set on China next summer in Beijing,” Dy told local paper Luíza. “After that, after the Olympics in Tokyo, I will think about how to get into the first division in the largest BMX series in the world.”

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