CNN and American Red Cross join efforts to support Hurricane Harvey victims

With news of the situation growing increasingly dire and the world asking for more help from President Donald Trump and world leaders, a new alliance of CNN, The American Red Cross and World Vision in partnership with other humanitarian and development organizations announced Thursday that they are mobilizing to send life-saving medical supplies to the Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas.

As The American Red Cross is charged with coordinating the assistance efforts to help all those affected by the catastrophic and now nearly weekly storms, the network and sister outlets will continue to lead the effort with over 90 personnel from CNN all across the country reporting live from Houston on the ground as the most recent activity moves in.

Throughout the effort, our bureaus and digital sites will serve up the latest updates and analysis as it unfolds. All need your help in responding to this catastrophic storm in Texas!

With the friends of CNN and Red Cross working together now in emergency recovery efforts to help those affected by the recent hurricanes, the meeting was prompted by strong support from CNN viewers – both online and through social media.

Americans are donating $3 million in two weeks to aid efforts to aid the survivors of these horrific storms.

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The network has made a pledge of $1 million to start the effort.

Thousands of people remain displaced, without access to food, water, or other basic resources in the aftermath of Harvey.

With the Red Cross in Houston, we will soon have enough medical supplies to provide critical aid and emergency medical supplies to the thousands of people who need assistance in just this one part of the impacted areas.

FEMA has awarded the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, of which CNN is a member, the opportunity to deploy 17 emergency relief vehicles, five mobile emergency shelters, two mobile command centers, and other equipment in the Houston area to provide emergency shelter and enable Red Cross personnel to be on the ground in the community for a minimal amount of time.

The infrastructure damage alone is more than $100 billion nationwide, including more than $50 billion on the Texas coast alone, including catastrophic damage in my home city of Galveston.

Together with our partners, CNN is pleased to support the Red Cross in the relief effort.

In a word: This is urgent.

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Source: WATCH: Fox News Channel: Disaster Connections (hosted by anchor-reporter Julie Banderas)

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