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‘I am never going to live like this.’

'I am never going to live like this.'

Denise Richards uninjured after ‘terrifying’ road-rage shooting in Los Angeles

Police said Richards was angry over someone making a cat call to her car

Richards, 44, had been living in a California homeless shelter for nearly a year

Two bullets struck her car, one in the passenger side and one in the driver’s side

Another bullet shattered the window of her ‘beautiful’ car

‘My life has ended, and all I would have left is me and the cats…I have to live. I cannot live like this. I am never going to live again’

But when the woman who shot her tried to exit the car, Richards pulled out her gun and fired back

Richards’ car was parked at a bus stop at the corner of West Hollywood Boulevard and Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles

Richards, 44, lived in a homeless shelter for nearly a year. Police said she had a history of violent behavior

A woman who fatally shot her neighbour’s carjacking victim has been given 15 years without parole after court-appointed psychologist deemed her to be at ‘low risk of recidivism.’

Denise Richards, 44, was convicted of the murder of 32-year-old Jose Antonio Rivera in June after a jury deliberated for two hours over the following three days.

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The jury found Richards guilty of voluntary manslaughter in Rivera’s shooting death

Police said the gunman got out of her white Lexus and opened fire on Rivera’s 2012 white Honda Civic when he took a cat call in the car on the morning of December 1, 2016

The jury found Richards guilty of voluntary manslaughter in Rivera’s shooting death, and she was sentenced on June 14.

Authorities said the woman, who knew Rivera, had been living in the city’s Skid Row area for nearly a year, and had been getting into fights with the homeless men she lived with.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said Richards, who was homeless, had a long history of violence and had been repeatedly arrested in connection with minor property crime cases, including drunken-driving arrests.

But she was no ‘drug dealer,’ Lacey said.

She was released on $25,000 bond on the condition that she live in a residential treatment program as part of a supervision program with drug and alcohol counseling.

But she had violated the terms of

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