In the news round-up: #NBNFail and farm wealth

And it was even worse for rural Queensland. Highway 60 was a water-logged nightmare as 13.5mm fell in just one hour. That “proved the switchover was effectively complete”

The new system quickly began to work. From 2pm Sydney time it was up to 70 per cent nationwide, which meant that farmers, tourists and retailers could access every commodity they need from their farm gates. [ Image: Shepparton News]

Tertiary education provider Navitas says the NBN has worked a treat: 70 per cent of its customers are now on faster broadband and access to their digital skills.

Former home affairs minister Scott Morrison conceded that housing affordability isn’t working, and a commission of audit will have to be done. Now we know why: who’s got enough money to save a house?

In the opinion of the ABC’s business editor Greg Sheridan, the current account deficit is “a big deal”. Perhaps too big? The international community is on an austerity binge. [ Image: The Economist

While farms all around Queensland are reporting massive investment budgets for 2018, the auditor general says households in Australia’s east coast are expecting to spend less than they earn. Even government infrastructure projects are shortchanged.

Those governments are also upgrading their own networks, including NBN. Who’s winning? Only a slim majority of customers on the fibre network. The other networks are doing better because of lower competition. [ Image: Sue Harris/Croakey

A committee of the Federal Parliament has been investigating how house prices could be protected against falls in value caused by factors such as unemployment. Is this the right approach? [ Image: Caitlin Morrison/ABC

A collaborative map of who’s in the forest and who’s not has really high-resolution satellite imagery, geo-referenced and run under expert analysis. Which blacked-out areas are most at risk? [ Image: Craig Sainty/Sweco

The biggest price rises on gum trees came from the very start of the greening and clearing campaigns. Who are the culprits? [ Image: Mark Anthony/Croakey

Meet AgBloc: Australia’s group of farmers that are working to ensure genetically modified crops can be grown on the commonwealth land it manages. What’s next? It’s the first step towards international legal recognition.

Large plumes of smoke are visible over the first cyclone of the year. The weather bureau says there’s 40 per cent chance this category 3 Cyclone Nora will become a category 4 cyclone over the next few days. [ Image: Cairns / Townsville Chronicle

It’s been three years since a cyclone sat over Queensland. Today the bureau says there’s a 40 per cent chance that will happen again.

The Cowboys opener Ash Parker says the sharks from the professional surfing circuit swarmed around him during the AFL grand final. “I was literally in a war zone at the grand final.” [ Image: Phillip Fox

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