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Kanye West’s True Story Is a Tale of How He Never Lost $2 Billion In One Day

Kanye West's True Story Is a Tale of How He Never Lost $2 Billion In One Day

Kanye West returns to Instagram, says he lost $2 billion in one day because of his decision to leave his Westrican parents. The story is false

We’ve been wondering for weeks what Kanye West was planning to do when he announced to the world he was finally going to sell his mansion on the East Coast. So, when he appeared on the TODAY Show the morning after his official departure from his family, we had to wait until the following day to hear the true story of how he lost so much money in just one day. We now know the truth, though: he was just lying about having lost $2 billion in one day in order to attract more publicity.

Yesterday morning, West was speaking to Ryan Seacrest during his Today Show appearance when he claimed he “lost $2 billion in one day,” presumably the previous day when he claimed to have lost $2 billion in one day in a series of tweets. The problem is that this is completely false: in fact, West actually did not lose $2 billion in one day, and in fact he lost just $764,000.

The reality is that West never had a “billion-dollar” bank account and he never “lost” $2 billion. He never “lost” $2 billion, and he never had a billion-dollar account.

West’s true story is a tale of how he lost $2 billion and still managed to turn it into $2.5 billion.

On Wednesday evening, West filed his divorce papers with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, in Los Angeles. It was rumored he wouldn’t go through with the divorce, but that didn’t happen, according to TMZ. TMZ also reported that the Kardashian team was meeting with lawyers to try and get the divorce denied.

Kanye West is going through divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian.

“I am in the process of being divorced for the fourth time now and it is a blessing to be free,” West reportedly told TMZ

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