Major aid groups mobilizing to help victims of deadly tornadoes in Midwest

Some of the nation’s most prominent aid organizations are quietly mobilizing to provide whatever help they can to victims of devastating tornadoes in the Midwest, as officials assess the deaths, injuries and damage to homes, vehicles and businesses left behind.

North Carolina-based disaster-response company Global Relief One says it began working with Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office to deliver medical supplies to the south of Chicago where the state sent in the National Guard and treated injured residents.

The company was setting up a shelter on the outskirts of the city where volunteers were to receive medical supplies and provide additional first aid.

The company’s founder, Sean Stallings, said many of the relief efforts underway are in the shadows because it’s often hard to coordinate urgent needs, distribute much-needed supplies and communicate with responders.

As seen in countless video images, super-cell storms plowed through the Midwest, killed five people in Wisconsin and decimated homes and businesses from Missouri to Iowa. It was the first significant tornado outbreak for July.

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