Man dead after attack on London police by car driven at them by suspect in attempted car bombing: police

A man was shot and killed early Thursday near Buckingham Palace after police came under attack in a so-called hit-and-run attack by a man later identified as a suspect in the failed car bombing in London earlier this month, police said.

The man had apparently struck four officers on foot with a car before he was shot, London’s Metropolitan Police said.

A witness, a 46-year-old man, told the Associated Press that police officers with guns and automatic weapons surrounded the car, which appeared to be moving slowly as it left the area. The witness said he saw a man falling to the ground, shot.

“Police were patrolling on the pavement along Wood Lane when a silver car struck four officers,” a police statement said. “They were all unhurt. Officers pursued the vehicle and discharged their firearms, fatally wounding the driver.”

No injuries were reported among the pedestrians.

The man is not from the area, the police said.

A 22-year-old man was arrested nearby in the vicinity of a business school on suspicion of attempted murder. He will be questioned at a police station.

He was arrested in connection with the failed car bombing in London’s Westminster on June 4, according to the police statement.

A car exploded outside the gate to the main entrance to Parliament and police arrested three men in connection with that attempted attack.

Calls for justice after May’s Brexit speech fail

The three men — two from London and one from Pakistan — have been charged with attempting to murder police officers and the public at large, the Metropolitan Police said on Monday.

A fourth suspect has been released without charge.

Police say two of the men — Junead Khan, 21, and Naeem Jan Choudhury, 22 — are British citizens and the third, Ahmed Hassan, 23, is a citizen of Pakistan.

A fourth suspect — Ahmed Hassan — has been released without charge, but police said they “believe there is a substantial possibility that he was involved in some manner with the planned attack.”

All three suspects, who are in police custody, have been charged with a second criminal offense, the attempted murder of police officers and the public.

All face life in prison if convicted of all charges.

The June 4 attack targeted the very heart of government.

A car drove into crowds of pedestrians outside the gates of Parliament, setting off the explosion.

The explosion, which was detonated by a gas tank in the vehicle, was intended to coincide with a speech by the prime minister on Brexit before lawmakers at Parliament, prosecutors said.

The high-powered gas tank filled with fertilizer was meant to be detonated remotely.

But it ended up being difficult to make in a homemade lab because of tight security and the explosive’s strength of only 20 pounds, prosecutors said.

For years, Britain and other European countries have been battling militants who gather and practice bomb-making instructions online.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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