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Mountain Lion Jumps at Dog Leashed by Owner

Mountain Lion Jumps at Dog Leashed by Owner

Mountain lion nabs, kills leashed dog in Hollywood Hills

A female mountain lion was caught in the back yards of a Beverly Hills home Friday morning by a dog leashed by its owner who has a habit of jumping out at his pooches.

The cat went after the dog, who was walking with the cat, leaving the cat dead and the dog gravely injured.

Los Angeles County authorities said the cat attacked the dog at an undisclosed location Friday morning and that the dog was shot and killed.

The dog was on a leash, and the person who owns the dog was reportedly not home at the time of the incident.


The mountain lion, which authorities said weighed about 200 pounds, took the dog’s lead and headed toward a neighbor’s home, according to a neighbor who called authorities.

A witness who witnessed the attack said the female lion was about to take the dog with her as it had been doing a few times earlier in the day when she found the dog.

The mountain lion jumped toward the victim’s house, and a man from the neighbor’s house saw the cat leap at the dog.

The man tried to pull the cat away from the dog before the cat killed it, officials said.

“I was really alarmed when I saw that, to the best of my knowledge there’s been no other accidents like that in my neighborhood,” said neighbor Paul Rydberg, 56, of the house which was attacked.

“He jumped on him, just tore him limb from limb.”

The witness managed to get a hold of the dog, and managed to save the dog’s life.

“He was really brave and I’m very proud of him,” Rydberg said.

The victim was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced deceased, officials said.

It was not immediately known if the person who owned the dog was present at the time of the attack.

The mountain lion was shot and killed by police.

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating.

“I was in the house with her at the time — we had one dog and she was going in and out of the house and they had no idea that a mountain lion was in the area because they didn’t even lock the back door — and that’s

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