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QAnon’s QAnon Account Has Been Hacked

QAnon’s QAnon Account Has Been Hacked

David DePape’s dark journey from Obama backer to QAnon extremist accused in Pelosi attack

The White House will be taking an offensive posture after a conservative pundit, who once supported the President, attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calling on supporters of President Trump to go out and “beat the shit out of” her on Capitol Hill.

This from a man who once endorsed President Obama as a candidate and who had his own Facebook page called President Obama’s America, for which he was also a campaign contributor.

But perhaps most concerning was the fact that the guy actually bragged about having a violent temper.

As we previously reported, the man had his own QAnon site with ‘Q’, whose followers believe in the Q theory of conspiracy theories.

And now one of QAnon’s followers has proven their loyalty to the dark web, by using a Twitter account that was created by a user with the same name, and which was suspended by Twitter last month.

The account had a series of tweets that seemed to have been hacked and re-tweeted several times.

One of the tweets was titled: “NANCY PELOSI IS HAPPY AS HELL, HOW ABOUT YOU?”

And it included several screen grabs that bore little resemblance to what we would expect of a regular Twitter user.

To those who think that QAnon followers are just followers of the ‘Q’, or a group of random people who read something online and want to believe it, and maybe share it on social media, or who believe it may, in fact, be the real deal, think again.

There are many, many more who are just like you, and many more who have not been caught up in QAnon.

Here’s what happened.

The Twitter user’s account was suspended by Twitter last month, for violating their policies on hate speech and harassment.

This is the QAnon account, and it was created by the same person who created this other popular QAnon account, which was also suspended in March 2018, and yet he still had access to both accounts.

And here’s an account that was created by the original Twitter user the same name has used for his

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