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Roger Federer’s Relationship With Pete Sampras

Roger Federer’s Relationship With Pete Sampras

See Roger Federer share tears and laughter with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper at the U.S. Open

Roger Federer won yet another major title at the U.S. Open on Thursday to end a two-week drought in winning a Grand Slam tournament.

“I always try to compete. I always want to play well. I’ve always wanted to play,” Federer said. “It’s one of those games that you just have to play well, have a great result, have it all your way. I have a lot of respect for Pete. I’ve been on his team for so many years. We’ve been friends for so many years. But it can also be difficult sometimes.”

A big reason for Federer’s recent resurgence is, of course, the two-time French Open champion himself.

Federer has a good relationship with the veteran coach, but his relationship with Federer is a bit more intimate.

“He doesn’t think it’s just about training, working out and winning tennis tournaments,” Federer said. “He thinks I’m just a little bit more focused on how I want to put on a show for the fans and create a certain vibe.”

Federer noted that he’s been working hard on that.

“I go for long walks and I think about when I look around and how amazing it is at Wimbledon,” Federer replied. “But this, too, is amazing. This is a world-class stadium and a great place to play tennis. I think I’d like to dedicate this day to all the people who came to the Grand Slams.”

And while his relationship with Federer had the potential to evolve into more, he added: “I have the same feelings now that I do now.”

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