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Surfer buried at sea

Surfer buried at sea

Nick Carter mourns ‘baby brother’ Aaron Carter: ‘Now you can finally have … peace’

Aaron Carter was buried at sea, his funeral Thursday was told. He will remain with the sea as a permanent memorial to the loss of his brother, whose body was never recovered.

At 3 a.m. Thursday, a few hundred people filled the ocean off Ocean Beach’s Pacific Coast Highway for the burial of one of the nation’s most well-known surfers, who in an earlier life played for Duke University and the United States National Team.

Baby brother Aaron Carter was buried Thursday as a permanent memorial to the loss of his brother, who vanished in the summer of 1995 while surfing while on a trip down the California coast to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

When his brothers and sisters weren’t around, Aaron called his mother with sad news: “There’s a big storm coming,” he told her. “So now you can finally have peace.”

Duke’s Hall of Fame basketball player was found and arrested for murder in Florida in 2007, but authorities never charged him. He was returned to the Los Angeles area in September 2009 and was arrested for murder again this week.

Police say Aaron Carter told a friend he planned to kill his older brother, Mark, his father, the man who taught him to surf, and his mother. He was arrested Thursday and remains being held on $4.8 million bail.

The family had hoped that Aaron Carter’s body would be recovered before it was thrown back in the ocean, but at the memorial, the surf community and fans of the man who surfed in a “cool white suit” gathered.

They were in Ocean Beach to say goodbye. The family was holding out hope that Aaron’s body was found and brought back to California.

To all the people who loved him, RIP Aaron Carter.

The ocean and waves were calm, and a crowd of people — most of

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