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The Dodgers: The World Series

The Dodgers: The World Series

Letters to the Editor: Dodgers lost? Fake news. Just declare them the winners.

As most Dodgers fans are well aware, they have played in the World Series twice. And for the most part, they have played at a very high level, as has the team. The team had an incredible rookie season, and even though they suffered through a few bad runs, it seems they will repeat as World Series champions.

So, what’s wrong with being the best, winning every game?

Let’s discuss the current state of the team. How much do they have to improve before they win the World Series? How much do they need to change? Are they playing in the same manner that made them so successful in 2010?

Let’s discuss the state of the team, and in particular the offense, because that seems to be the focus of any discussion on the Dodgers.

Let’s start with the pitching staff. It is not good, and the offense is horrible. It is simply a matter of improving. No, not next year, but this year.

In 2010, the Dodgers scored 100 runs. In 2013, the Dodgers scored 119 runs. More importantly, they scored 106 runs in the postseason, where they went 19-2.

By the way, there are 26 games (including interleague games) this season, so I’m not counting any games where they can’t score runs. Even if the Dodgers lost all the games, they would still get 106 runs. But let’s say they lost to the Yankees, who could score 100 runs with a terrible pitching staff, or any team with a good pitching staff that could score 106 runs. We know the Dodgers score 106 runs. That’s what you get for a great pitching staff. There’s nothing else to talk about with the pitching staff.

There was some talk about the defense last season. How will the defense do this year? No offense, but what about defense? Do they improve? How much do they need to change? What

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