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The jilted woman grabbed the mic from her

The jilted woman grabbed the mic from her

DeSantis, Biden hurricane recovery actions show how 2024 race might shape up

JACKSON — “How many more times do you do this?”

With these words, a jilted woman grabbed the microphone, before running her hands over her body.

“It’s too much,” she pleaded, before grabbing the mic from her.

“I don’t want to be here anymore. This is like torture,” she said. “I can’t take it anymore.”

After just two months of campaigning, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum is still fighting to stay in the race. As voters head to the polls Tuesday, it’s clear Gillum believes he can survive this kind of attack. Yet, he’s still in this race.

That seems like a no-brainer. It takes a long time to recover from a storm and a long time to re-engage citizens.

“This is a great opportunity to use what’s been done to us to build upon that recovery,” Gillum told The Democrat. “This is about making this state better for the next generation.”

Gillum has been a strong candidate, with a progressive platform. He’s also well prepared, having already run for governor twice before, and in what has proven to be a very contested Democratic primary.

But, he’ll have to battle through a lot of attacks from the outside. He’ll have to convince voters this is not a one-man (and one-woman) party.

A lot of this will be a test of whether Gillum can continue to bring an innovative campaign to bear and make it work in the time-frame it takes to fully recover from a natural disaster like Hurricane Maria.

It takes a while.

“It was more of the normalcy of the storm. It was more so a ‘let’s just get it over with,’” said Andrew Gillum, who ran for governor twice before. “I’m here today — for whatever reason — so let’s get to the work.”

This is a good test of Gillum’

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