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The Man Behind “4 Days Out”

The Man Behind “4 Days Out”

Who is Christopher LaVoie? Man behind ‘4 Days’ reality shows has history of run-ins with police, dubious business ventures

When “4 Days Out” ran on Discovery Channel for six seasons, it received a near-universal rave from critics and viewers alike.

The show, which followed the exploits of four young men and women who spent the best part of an entire year living in a remote Greek island, made for one of the more unusual programming experiences on TV.

That was before LaVoie, the man behind the show, began a series of personal misadventures that continue to keep him on the outside looking in to the rest of the world.

We first met LaVoie two years ago when he was arrested at his home in Michigan for a warrant, and for violating a no contact order from his ex-wife and child.

The charges against him were eventually dropped. At the time, though, we didn’t know that he had had a string of run-ins with the law dating back to his teens. And for what seemed like a lifetime, LaVoie was a free man – until the past few weeks, that is.

In May, he was arrested and charged with domestic violence after police say he smashed windows and a stove in his house while his ex-wife and child were inside. And on June 7, he appeared in court for a charge of disorderly conduct.

LaVoie has remained silent on the domestic violence allegations, and authorities have not revealed what charges might be brought against him. He is, however, facing a series of other charges, including criminal trespassing and resisting arrest. He is also believed to be the subject of an extensive civil suit, which has been filed against him by his ex-wife.

“He’s a liar,” one of LaVoie’s lawyers told the Detroit Free Press. “He’s done a lot of personal harm to people he claims to care about. And he has no credibility anymore … I think he’ll be in jail for a long time

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