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The man was hospitalized after eating a deli meat and cheese sandwich

The man was hospitalized after eating a deli meat and cheese sandwich

Listeria outbreak linked to deli meat and cheese reaches California

A California man was hospitalized after being infected with listeria following a deli meat and cheese sandwich, the Department of Public Health reported Friday. The man, who was not identified, was in good condition at a hospital on April 13.

The man ate the deli sandwich from a deli in downtown Fresno. He reported symptoms of low blood pressure, abdominal pain, a sore throat and a dry cough within hours, according to the DPH.

He was hospitalized and given intravenous fluids for two days. He was discharged in good condition, according to the DPH.

The man reported that he recently purchased deli bacon and other deli meats at Ralph’s Super Markets in Fresno because it was cheaper than meat from a local market. He said he was unaware of any safety measures implemented at the area facility, the DPH reported.

Listeria infections can occur when people eat food that was not correctly prepared, cooked at high temperatures or handled improperly, the DPH said.

Symptoms of the illness include:

Dry cough


Abdominal pain

Nausea or vomiting


Redness and pain at the site of cuts or abrasions

Diarrhea is less common, according to the DPH.

The California Food Poisoning Prevention and Control System is the state’s system designed to help prevent food poisoning, according to the DPH.

The system is staffed by trained and certified food safety professionals who work in tandem with the state’s health department.

The system offers 24-hour emergency medical response during a food poisoning emergency. The public can call the state’s toll-free telephone line: 1-800-621-6233.

The California Department of Public Health has developed a food poisoning hot line for the general public. The call-in number is 1-800-862-6233.

People can call the number and ask that a health department food poisoning clinician answer the call. The clinician will guide the caller through the food poisoning process in order to determine whether or not the person is experiencing poisoning symptoms.

People with listeria infections may have a mild or severe infection if they were exposed and not treated and do

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