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The Tennis World Is Still Important

The Tennis World Is Still Important

Roger Federer, a genius who made tennis look effortless, was a true gentleman off the court as well.

He was a great guy, always giving advice, but his greatest quality was that he always gave you the benefit of the doubt. The guy was a gracious loser — a humble loser who did everything he could to make other people smile.

He took care of a lot of people, most of all his family.

It was said that he had more personal staff than anyone else in tennis. Not one or two, but more than 60 people, working for him.

But his greatest accomplishment was serving the tennis world as one of the most beloved figures in sport.

That was his most important role — serving the tennis world.

It seems almost impossible with Federer, the game, the history and the sport being everything they are, that tennis is still playing as big a role in today’s society. Tennis, and the game in general, is so large in our lives that it is difficult to understand what it means and why it still matters so much.

I think it is because we have become so much about other human beings, and tennis is a great example of this, which is why I always loved playing tennis. It is an amazing and beautiful game that is about more than winning and losing.

It is a game that is about teamwork that is about people being with people, having fun and playing to improve. I saw that these same things still matter to people in society and I still believe that tennis plays a significant and meaningful role in that.

That is the reason why I think tennis is still so important.

It doesn’t really matter whether the game is played on clay, hard courts, grass, hardwood, clay, or on the ice. Federer is winning, and so is everyone else.

I know it looks like he is doing okay, but a lot of people say he is on the decline. The numbers say otherwise.

I think if you were to take a poll of tennis players, whether it be Novak

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