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The Texas Chainsaw Band

The Texas Chainsaw Band

Amy Schneider was already a ‘Jeopardy!’ queen. Now she’s the champ to rule them all.

Her dad, Jim Schneider, a former U.S. Marine artillery commander, is happy to be part of the competition — especially since his first Jeopardy question was a question about his daughter.

Then he noticed a strange comment on Facebook from someone who identified as the mystery contestant in the ‘Jeopardy!’ video.

“She just took the word ‘naked’ and turned it into ‘nakedy,’” Schneider said yesterday. “And that was when I realized, ‘Wow, what’s going on here?’ “

Schneider posted her father’s reply on Facebook Tuesday and her name and answers to the game’s trivia questions are now a permanent part of the blogosphere.

“Oh my God,” she wrote in her post, “I took a word I thought was totally innocuous and turned it into a hot button issue that became the topic of conversation of the day.”

The question that ignited Schneider’s Facebook post?

According to the answer to the puzzle: “What is the name of the song performed by a trio from Texas called the Texas Chainsaw Tapes?”

In a post later that day, Schneider offered her own version of the answer, writing: “If you go to YouTube and look up the song, you will see that the trio is called the Texas Chainsaw Band.”

The post then went viral, with hundreds of other Internet users chiming in with their versions of the “correct” answer to the puzzle.

For her answer, Schneider was a finalist in Jeopardy! and a finalist on the YouTube game show “The $10,000 Pyramid.” Schneider, 36, is an editor at, a lifestyle blog and magazine that specializes in sex and relationships.

For several online commenters, Schneider’s answer was a direct response to the mystery contestant’s response — something about the phrase

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