Tourism in Japan by rail in 2019

For people who have never been to Japan before, Japan Railways has the perfect way to get around the country: travel via rail.

The company provides train service to 113 destinations in Japan, serving cities such as Nagoya, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya and Osaka.

The “journey to Japan” train service is offered with trains operating within a quick 2-4 hour journey and the journey can be used either as an overnight train or as a day trip.

Anyone travelling on the “journey to Japan” train should carry a passport – the tickets are not valid for using the country’s borders. The bus ticket fare is £70 but is valid for the 4 days you are travelling. However, due to the popularity of the “journey to Japan” train tickets are subject to availability.

You can purchase the season tickets here.

Tourists can expect to travel along the Japanese urban route, under the condition that they don’t remove the train from the main line after 0600 local time, and in do not allow phone access between 0600 local time and 0700 local time.

Travel details:

Purchase season tickets for an entire trip – either for one day, 3 days or 7 days. For journeys between 0600-0300, booking must be completed by Sunday 28 December.

For journeys between 0400-0900, travel must be completed by Tuesday 4 January.

For journeys between 0800-0600, travel must be completed by Monday 5 January.

For journeys above 0600, travel must be completed by Monday 5 January.

For journeys between 0830-1130, travel must be completed by Monday 5 January.

Passengers travelling at a set time will be held at various stations for a set period after they have reached their scheduled station. Passengers are required to pay their full fare (including all taxes) at these stations. Passengers are also encouraged to arrive at each station up to two hours before their departure time as extra queues may form at selected stations. Check your train times as the train times can change mid-journey due to slight delays.

Passengers need to register with Japan Railways as a holder of a passenger visa (registration form is available online here) if they are travelling on the “journey to Japan” train.

Advance tickets:

Purchase a 3-day, 7-day or 12-day trip online or call 0800 111-1111.


Walk or take a taxi to a train station.

Call Japan Railways to arrange a transfer to the train station.

Don’t drink any beverages or use sound producing devices (such as a portable speaker) on the train.

Click here for more information about the “journey to Japan” train travel.

For information about Japan Railways, click here.

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