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Trump’s alleged sexual conduct with a photographer raises questions about his relationship with women

Trump’s alleged sexual conduct with a photographer raises questions about his relationship with women

McConnell condemns Trump for dining with Nick Fuentes

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has called President Donald Trump “a dangerous man” and said he thinks eating with “a person accused of sexual assault is the ultimate humiliation.”

While Trump hasn’t commented directly on the allegations leveled against his pal, former New York City Mayor, Mike “The Clem” Bloomberg. The New York Times reported on the claim of a former former staffer in the campaign office who said she saw Bloomberg engage in sexual conduct with a photographer.

The Times reported, according to a person familiar with the matter, that the woman was working as a photo assistant at a campaign event in New York in May and that a photographer who attended was a friend of the woman’s mother.

The woman, Alexandra David not associated with the campaign at the time, said she witnessed Bloomberg having sex with the photographer. Bloomberg has denied the allegations.

The Post reported on the same story and included this summary:

The allegations, detailed exclusively to The Post this week, raise more questions about Trump’s behavior toward women at the height of his campaign for the presidency.

When the woman asked the photographer to leave the room, Bloomberg allegedly responded, “We’re going to leave by ourselves.” Two campaign staffers in the room, who asked not to be identified, said in interviews they heard similar comments and that Bloomberg later invited them into the Oval Office, which he had designated his “penthouse” office.

Meanwhile, Trump has not commented of his interaction with Bloomberg or Trump associates since the story broke.

Kathleen Parker, who helped run Mike Bloomberg’s first campaign, has been suspended from the National Council of Women’s Organizations for life, over the allegations.

In a statement Parker, who worked as a women’s employment advocate and policy director during Bloomberg’s mayoral administration, took to the NY Times as a sign of support for her colleagues on the organization.

“I will continue to believe I am innocent,” Parker said

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