Wins and losses at World Indoor Championships in Wuhan

Tennis Grand Slams with a deep seeded fascination in the Australian psyche has long been a staple of the sporting calendar here. It doesn’t help that we’re blessed with a week where every sport imaginable finds themselves both engulfing and creating a sense of obligation – even our oldest pro sporty rivals are now producing something of an encore act of sorts – all consuming the attention of the nation as well as the rest of the globe. Now, as if this is not enough, we have a debut weekend for a major IAAF World Championships. The Gobi Desert and its striking landscape naturally has continued to be a strong sportsing backdrop and has produced a stunning array of event pictures and events.

Friday was the opening day of the competition and the sheer awesomeness of what we’ve seen and the excellence of the photographic efforts combined to build our sporting highlights reel.

Of course, we know the 2105 IAAF World Championships are going to be a compelling backdrop, but only time will tell just how successful our sport and fashion teams will be. But just looking through it all will be enough for us.

Today, the biggest of them all will take place with the decathlon set to commence and the opening of the Formula One season. That particular axis of world sport has it all – sportsmanship, speed, personality, drama, athleticism – and our aim has always been to ensure that we share it with the world. What better way to test that resolve than to click through it all and explore the beautiful women behind the scenes.

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