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DNC says it filed lawsuit to block Trump from running for president in Utah

DNC says it filed lawsuit to block Trump from running for president in Utah

Democrats deploy ‘extreme legal measures’ in bid to block Trump’s run in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — The Democratic National Committee issued a statement Tuesday saying its lawyers filed court documents to prevent a presidential run by Donald Trump from taking place in Utah.

Trump did say he would consider a run if the party nominated him. Such a move would take away the party’s 1,237 delegates to the national convention and leave Clinton with a majority.

“The DNC’s legal challenge is the most extreme action we have taken to date,” the DNC said in a statement. “It is the most extreme legal challenge to date by any major party. It could have dire consequences for Democratic Party unity, the Democratic nominee, and the party’s prospects at the ballot box.”

“The DNC is in a difficult position,” the statement added. “We cannot afford to see Donald Trump become President of the United States. We cannot afford to lose any of the 1,237 delegates that we will need to get to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee if he does become the nominee.”

DNC Executive Director Donna Brazile said, “As a party, we are committed to an open Democratic primary and to getting the nomination of our own choice. This is why the DNC has chosen to make it difficult for Donald Trump to become the next Commander in Chief.”

Clinton and Trump are at the top of the Democratic pack in the most recent national race polls. If Clinton is able to amass a larger percentage of delegates than Trump in upcoming contests, she would win the Democratic nomination.

The legal challenge was filed in federal court in Salt Lake City. Lawyers for the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee also are representing him.

Trump’s campaign said in a statement that the “DNC’s lawsuit is an attempt by left-wing activists to force a fight they can’t win. They are the ones who want open primaries, the ones who want to throw the election to Hillary Clinton and the ones who don’t want to pay any of the costs involved in a contested convention.

“Trump will vigorously defend his right to have an open primary system. It is an

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