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The American People Are Turning Against The Democrats

The American People Are Turning Against The Democrats

Column: ‘It’s getting worse.’ The sad part of the Pelosi attack is it doesn’t surprise us. Pelosi has been in office for 20 months, but with only the minority to represent her in the House, she is still treated like a king. Not because she was born above the law, but because she got rich or because she used to be a Democrat, but because she has become one. I’ve met many Republicans, and they have no problem with her. I don’t think she cares who she has to work with. She is a true leader and, more than that, she is good at her job.

As for the question of the American people turning against Democrats, it is an interesting one. At first there were those who felt that the party was no longer popular. Then we heard of the impeachment. After that, people were scared the party was at risk of losing the election. Then we heard of the Pelosi attack. When the economy went into the tank, people thought the party had been hit too hard. That’s why we have gotten no Republican support in Congress, which is why we are still waiting for a balanced budget. The last four presidents have only been given a little money. They don’t go around spending without a budget. But when the economy went down and the Democrats were attacked, the party was attacked. I don’t see any signs of panic in the party. On the contrary.

Now the Democrats have a problem. They lost the election, the economy is in a depression, the Democrats are in the minority in the House and the Senate, and the nation is very unhappy with the party. And now the Democrats are getting in trouble. But people aren’t going to vote for them again. They don’t see why they should. If there is one thing that is wrong with the Democrats, it is that you can never get enough of it. You can’t turn it up too high and expect people to have any more. You can’t turn it down when the party is behind you, and expect more people to vote for the party. This is what happens with the Democrat party. There is always someone who wants a little too much, and then the next thing you know, someone else comes along and wants a little too much

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