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The Bills’ QB Draft Pick

The Bills’ QB Draft Pick

Jets Turn Up the Pressure on the Bills in the A.F.C. East With a Win Over Chicago

There is the theory that the best team always loses, but in this rarefied sense, the Bills are the team that will find the top spot in the playoffs. They have a young core, and while they may not have the best roster in the league, they have the second best and are looking at the second best team in the NFL. If Josh Allen is a top-20 NFL quarterback, with the best supporting cast in the league, then he’s on point.

The Bills play their first AFC East game at home this year and they have a new head coach in Sean McDermott. A veteran head coach in Andy Reid would have no reason to leave in this situation, but there are some unknowns about this team.

One of the more notable unknowns is a decision making issue. They have so many players that have high potential and will make a good team for the next few years. However, the Bills could be in for trouble if any one of those players gets hurt. Josh Allen is one of those players, and that is why he was an absolute steal in the draft. Although he may come at a high price in his rookie contract, the Bills could use that money to acquire help up front like Leonard Fournette and Kyle Allen.

On paper, the Bills looked the worst team going into the season, but it looks like they have made some strides to reach a higher level this year. If they come up a couple spots short in the AFC, then they will have a higher chance of making the playoffs. This will be a great test for them to come out on top.


Josh Allen has a lot to live up to in life, and the Bills are hoping the rookie will grow into the role. His rookie contract is an example of how the Bills value the quarterback of the future, and he is a guy who has potential to one day be a great quarterback. If that is the case, then Allen is worth a draft pick.

It feels bad to be a Bills fan, but the quarterback situation is a lot worse than it was in 2017. Without the talent of LeSean McCoy, and the top receiving threats, it is tough for a young quarterback like Allen to get comfortable and thrive. If he does, then he

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