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The Democrats Are On The Defensive

The Democrats Are On The Defensive

Three mistakes that will cost Democrats the midterms

A political scandal erupts, and suddenly, the Democratic Party is on the defensive.

They seem to be at their most vulnerable as the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee (RCCC) and Republican House Financial Services Committee take down what they have taken down in the past.

Yet, as Politico reported today, the RCCC only took down two of the three biggest Democratic stars of the last two elections.

Not only did the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) get off free, but a Republican committee was forced to spend $15,000 defending Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

The Democrats are also on the defensive for two congressional races where the GOP has a better chance of winning than the Democrats.

Both are in the West Virginia Sixth Congressional District where Congressman Chris Carney is running against Republican challenger Rick Anderson.

In the GOP Primary, Congressman Eric Cantor is facing a Republican who is not a tea party type, but someone who wants to be.

In the Third Congressional District of Western Virginia, incumbent Congressman Ken Calvert is running against Republican challenger George Miller.

The House Election is Tuesday, November 7th and the Senate Election is Tuesday, December 5th.

But, this is not the only controversy the Democrats are facing this campaign season.

It all started when Democratic candidate Tammy Baldwin faced a tough primary against her old friend, former Democratic Majority Leader Dick Durbin.

Baldwin was criticized for her support of the Iraq War and for her past work at Comcast.

Democrats also criticized her for supporting tax cuts for the wealthy and her votes in favor of health insurance for illegal aliens.

There were also questions asked about her work with the AFL-CIO, the Communication Workers of America (CWA), and her political activity on her own personal Facebook page.

Democrats claim that Republicans are trying to scare voters and scare them into thinking their party is not trustworthy.

All this would have been easy drama for a network television show, but with the help of the social media world, the Democrats are creating drama on their own terms.

The Democrats have their own Twitter feed, @WV6, to which they are adding to and deleting posts to create a

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