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The Rules of the People

The Rules of the People

Drag queens and how they got pulled into politics

The US Congress has turned into a version of the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies – the audience for the event is the US population, the event itself is a celebration of American culture. This is all in the name of national prestige and the image of a ‘strong’ America.

It all seems a bit surreal, even to us (the non-Americans who make up a fifth of the electorate).

It seems strange to us to expect a politician to represent us, to lead, to be a voice that we can trust that we will hear from in the days to come.

But when the media coverage of these events has been as full of references to Hillary Clinton as it has been of Trump, we have been forced to sit up and take notice.

We have been living under a shadow of suspicion, with many of us wondering whether a politician has the right to be involved in politics, that politicians have the right to rule the country and make decisions that affect the lives of all of us.

But here we are, talking to you. And we are not asking about a candidate or a politician – at least, not yet.

We are asking about the ‘rules’.

For the last three decades we have been led around by leaders who have tried to make us believe their decisions were all about policy, and for the most part they were.

It is a game that we the people have to play to stay in power and keep the country as we know it. It is a game that we can play, or we can change.

When a candidate starts talking about the rule of the people, we will know that the game has changed. We can’t play a game that requires two or three persons to play the same role. We can’t play if there are no rules, and this is what we have witnessed in the recent election. The rules of the game have changed. They do not need any changes.

We are now the people. And we will rule ourselves. There are no rules that we have to follow. We decide the rules. We write them. We live by them. And we can change them.

We have been led to believe that we need someone to do everything and that if we don�

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