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Toni Kroos – On a Mission

Toni Kroos – On a Mission

Atlético Madrid midfielder’s comeback from brain cancer and mother’s paralysis

Toni Kroos’s mother and his former Manchester United teammate Angelos has died in the United States. Kroos’s mother, Marcella, was in a wheelchair since her surgery for a brain tumour in 2003 and since then, Kroos’s father, Stefan, has been in a persistent vegetative state.

Kroos has continued to lead the Atleti team, even though the midfielder’s father remains at the same institution in the United States. The midfielder’s return to football has already been announced by a video on his Facebook page. The video is called “Toni Kroos – On a Mission”. The video features a moment from Kroos’s first game for Atleti, which was against Alaves on March 25, 2016. Kroos plays a long ball to Alves, who passes it to his teammate Cristiano. But, Kroos’ body is later moved to the bench.

“A friend brought me this beautiful shirt. Then my friend was playing the drums with the Atleti shirt and when the drums finished the game was delayed. The music got interrupted and they made the decision to put Angelos back on the field,” Kroos said in the video. “Then the doctor decided to give me the green light for the surgery. So this was my first time meeting Angelos, my only brother in this world. And we were not on the same level but I am just happy that we were able to meet.”

The United States has recently hosted a charity event for Kroos to raise money for Angelos’s family.

The United States has hosted a charity event for Kroos to raise money for Angelos’s family

“I haven’t met any other family I’ve met where it’s such a strong love. It’s an incredible feeling,” Kroos said. “My mom has always been there for me and Angelos. Angelos is my favorite person, I met him so many times and we played in the first game I ever played. And we are closer than brothers as both my dad and Angelos are in

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